Hi! So, some bio stuff:

I was born sometime after the last Ice Age. In school, I was a space and biology geek, keeping freshwater aquariums, playing in the band, and reading all the SF I could get my hands on.

Over the years, I played Renaissance & Baroque music, built lutes and harpsichords, and during an IT dry spell I started a business  building high-end antique reproduction furniture that sold across the country. Lark/Sterling invited me to write the book Building Arts & Crafts Furniture, which sold 30,000 copies in two printings. I also led small group discussions and did presentations about the Arts & Crafts Movement at conventions in Asheville, NC and Springfield, IL.

Building Arts & Crafts Furniture
Building Arts & Crafts Furniture

I attended Penguicon 2010, (having gone to a few SF conventions (ConFusion & Marcon) in the old days). I attended a panel with Cherie Priest, who made steampunk sound like a lot of fun. I also talked with Howard Tayler and Brandon Sanderson, who told me about a little podcast they were doing (Writing Excuses). I went to the World Steam Expo in Detroit, and started co-writing a weekly serial on Steampunk Empire. Safari – a Steampunk/Khempunk Adventure gained an enthusiastic following. It was a humorous/deadly tale set in a late 19th-century Egypt, where a few of the old temples are still hanging on, ancient magic is still a powerful force, and hints of an ancient tech begin surfacing.

I also presented an illustrated talk- Victorian Death Culture at Teslacon 1 in Madison, WI, and presented talks about ancient Egyptian culture & religion in OH and MI.

I’ve moderated and presented programs and panels at SF cons, about anime and other subjects. A list is here.

Shining Cities anthology
Shining Cities anthology

Bibliotheca Alexandrina published my novella A Wrecking Bar, a Chocolate Bar, and a Ka Offering for NaNeferKaPtah in the anthology Shining Cities (Bibliotheca Alexandrina). I lengthened it and it’s available as a standalone book.

Down Home Country Vampire
(worst cover ever!)

I helped produce and edit the “Down Home Country Vampire” anthology with Ericka Kahler, and wrote “Fowl Fiends of the Great Black Swamp” for it- a tale of vampire chickens. The anthology includes afrofuturist Zig Zag Claybourne’s “Sundown Town.”